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Magic Tea | Butterfly Pea Strawberry Lemonade | 25 Servings

Magic Tea | Butterfly Pea Strawberry Lemonade | 25 Servings

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Embark on a magical tea adventure with our enchanting Butterfly Pea Tea, lovingly crafted for my 7-year-old daughter, a little fairy at heart who adores the whimsy of tea, the tangy sweetness of strawberry lemonade, and the mystical hues of blue, purple, and pink.

Discover the wonder of Butterfly Pea Tea, a gentle elixir that soothes the nervous system, perfect for both kids and adults. Marvel at its natural blue color, a splash of magic in every cup. But the enchantment doesn't stop there – with just a few drops of lemon, watch in awe as the tea transforms from a deep blue to a mesmerizing purple and then to a delightful pink, captivating the imaginations of your little ones.

This tea isn't just a drink; it's an experience. A fun and curious way to start the day, sparking joy and wonder in every sip. Each batch is prepared with love, as if by fairies themselves, bringing a touch of their enchantment right to your teacup.

Join us in this magical journey, one cup at a time, and let the fairy-tale begin!


Butterfly pea powder, Pullulan, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Monk Fruit, Natural Lemon Flavor, Pixie Dust ✨

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